Saturday, 26 March 2011

Muhammed Radwan Arrested

My cousin Muhammed Radwan @battutta has been arrested by the brutal Syrian regime. They claim that he has been receiving money in exchange for sending photos and videos from Syria. They also accuse him of being connected to Israel and of being in contact with a Columbian who took the photos and videos from him for 100 LE! These are all blatant lies. Mohammed is an engineer who has lived in Damascus for about a year and has never been to Israel. He was in contact with a Columbian journalist who works for a radio - therefore they do not need photos. The Syrian regime is just like all the other authoritarian regimes in the Middle East that fabricate stories and arrest innocent people just to cling on to power. To hell with Bashar el-Asad and his bloody regime.


Anonymous said...

Please call Aljazeera and other media and tell them your story..for both his sake and for Syria!

farhad bahrami said...

typical the the syrian regime trys to tie mr. radwan to the israel. let's just blame everything on the zionists.

russell said...

I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with your cousin a little last year. I'm hoping this works out for him soon.

Anonymous said...

Why did your innocent cousin film demonstrations and tweet about Syria? If he is in Syria for work only , then why did he "participate" in what's happening the country?
This is so suspicious and smelly.
If he is in Syria for work, then he should respect the rules and laws of the country. It's not his business how the Syrians rule their country.
How do you know that it's a fabricated lie? It is very clear from the video that he wasn't forced to say anything and was not tortured or anything, so please don't defend him just because he is your cousin.

Anonymous said...

Oh, democratic you, moderates comments as well??

No comment!

Anonymous said...

I taught history to Mohammed and Tarek in the Aramco Schools in Dhahran. They grew up in a very western compound in Arabia. In one article or post it states that Mohammed attended middle school in Egypt. That is not true as he graduated from Dhahran Junior High/Middle School. Please wish the family my best.

Chris said...

Hi Nora,

I've just seen your Tweets about your cousin being detained.

I am a broadcast journalism MA student based in London. Next Tuesday (29th March) I will be working on a BBC World Service radio programme in which callers from around the world phone in and give their views on the news of the day.

With everything that is happening in Syria at the moment, it is likely that this will be a main focus of Tuesday's show. If so, I was wondering if you would like to call in and make a few comments on the programme. In particular, I am sure our listeners would want to hear about your cousin's ordeal.

Please let me know if this is something you might be interested in and I can send you more details,

Kind regards,


Nathan Gray said...

The twisted thing is that Mohamed is such a positive and loving person, not racist against anyone including Jews. They twisted this against him calling him a spy for Israel to undermine his credibility. I was floored when I saw the news.

Anonymous said...

Moe is one of the nicest people I got to know in the US. I guess he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

100 pounds per photo? Do they really think someone as successful as Mohammad needs 100 Egyptian Pounds per photo? Very weak argument.

And for the commenter who said that " it is clear from the video that he has not been tortured or forced to say something...", how do you know?

I wish him all the best.

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering what was your cousin doing in AlTahreer square. I also wonder why would he move around these troubled counties at these difficult times. Weird! If I were him, just for peace of mind, I would be in America. Many innocent peaceful Syrians do not have choice but their own country. I do hope for the release of your cousin and for peace all over the world.

Anonymous said...

oh honey, i so sorry to tell that when someone becomes a spy its a life threating occupation they are not going to tell mummy and daddy that they are spies. for him to spy on Syria he will have to find a job there live there for a while before doing anything they need to study the situation. they also need to deliver the information without getting caught. maybe you should google defination of a spy and what the job entitles. the job he got in syria would of been supplied by whoever is paying him. I believe he works for his father. could it be much easier.

As someone mentioned there was no need to get involved in the protest as he is not a syrian citizen if u say he lived in syria for a year then he pretty much knows the laws of Syria, why take all these suspicious pic?
why was he travelling from country to country.
What proof do you have that ur cousin is not a liar. well of course he is lying to his family so that he would not have to bow his head in shame in front of them.
im pretty sure if he was tortured it would show. How can you defend someone even if he is you family that had a hand in bringing down your country as well as other countries along with other people. look at the lives he has helped destroy.
you confirm everything the Syrian is government is saying is true, all u do is change around the words to make ur cousin look a lil bit innocent.
If he had a hand in what happened in Syria i hope he rots in prison

and by the way farhad bahrami zionists are the root of all evil just go look at the their history. the have too much to gain from the collapse of Syria which will never happen even with the likes of radwan. they are united with a great leader. he is such a kind, caring, and loving human being

Nora Shalaby said...
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Nora Shalaby said...

To the one who left the last comment: I truly feel sorry for u. You are such a hopeless case that I will not bother responding. said...


Anonymous said...

saw you on cnn today and i had to say you are most beautiful. wish i was in you circle of life. im sure your cousin well be let go soon. best wishes angel. monterey,california